Happy 18th Birthday to my lil monster!!!! I can’t help it, I still see you exactly like this!!! I always believed you were my baby!! My lil boy…you’ve always trusted me most, enough to braid that hair, enough to cut it, you ate whatever I made you, you would fall asleep right in my arms! I would never forget that summer I stayed home from camp so I could take care of you so mums could work! I’m so proud of the man you’re becoming!!! You’re such a smart, humble, kind, charming, sarcastic guy! And I love you so much! Keep making ya big sis proud, and listen to mommy, she be knowing! #Booj #Rajad #BabyBro #HappyBirthday #April #15 #YaPeeFrothing haaaaa @rjfenty96 by badgalriri
by badgalriri
TONIGHT NAVY! @Eminem and I are performing #TheMonstER on the @MTV #MovieAwards. Be there at 9/8c by badgalriri
This could be y’all, but yo best friend ain’t shit!!! M$$!!! by badgalriri
Anything for Dollaz!!! Tonight….memories gone by dawn, ya heard?!!!! @mdollas11 by badgalriri
Nobody in de world could mek me laugh di$ ra$$hole hard, Nobody cud talk a$ much cunt a$ you, Nobody cud keep my dirty lil $ecret$ like you, Nobody el$e cud embara$$ my $tyle….You literally make bitche$ wi$h they had an M.Forde by their side! I will never take for granted the day you packed your $hit and left BIM to come hold me down, cuz God know$ I would never be able to $urvive thi$ and remain my$elf through it all! You are literally the $trongest, $exie$t, most perverted, humble, kind, intelligent, $hady a$ PHUCK human being I know! My $i$tren!!! My hitta!!! I know I tell you thi$ all the time, but Money cud neva buy what you give me!! Our friend$hip will alway$ be family! Ya $weet a$ $ex!!! #MDollaz #April11  #HappyBirthday @mdollas11 by badgalriri
#BBMAs #Navy by badgalriri
I could be dead right now….smh #security by badgalriri
Me x Birthday Gal #MOM by badgalriri
Queen, Goddess, Number One, Role Model, Angel….. A million words I can use to try to describe this courageous, fearless, selfless woman …. but at the end of the day no word makes her feel more special than MOM!!! How lucky am I to have come here through you? You nurtured and taught and cultured me…and then some things couldn’t be taught, but were inevitable simply because I’m your daughter, this is why I say “how lucky…?”. Nothing could have prepared me for this world more than you did! Thank you for always saying the right things at perfect times, thank you for ACTUALLY ALWAYS knowing like you always say moms do, thank you for putting your needs aside for your 3 lil monsters and anybody else, Thank you for cutting my ass when I was getting outta line, Thank you for teaching me how to think like a nigga, Thank you for everything, Thank you for being you!!! Today is a special day…The day He sent you! #HappyBirthday #April5 #MOM by badgalriri
C.F.D.A.s ICON. by badgalriri
CFDA Fashion Awards 2014 Fashion. Icon. #FromTheLeftSideOfAnIsland #Blessings #idothisfashionshitforfun by badgalriri
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Vincent Van Gogh. Happy Birthday!!! #RIP by badgalriri
find me. i dare you. by badgalriri